Rajiv Mohabir Creative Process Statement

These days poems come to me through image first. I notice small things: on the road a flattened bird flaps its wings as a car drives by, on the lake two herons trumpet and tangle their necks, a dog coughs up worms. For me this has been the hardest part, I mean the hardest part, … Continue reading Rajiv Mohabir Creative Process Statement

Rajiv Mohabir Poetry

Forced Conversion   beti linepath school jaye, kheti kaun kari beta christianwa bhaye, pani kaun charai   Not by the sword’s nose, but with books and cash, to make an army in the colony with one aim,   the English decreed: “Those wanting to letter their tongues must fetter their hearts by drinking blood and … Continue reading Rajiv Mohabir Poetry

Rajiv Mohabir Interview

Mistake House: Much of your writing is imbued with images of migration—images of displacement and replacement, origin and refuge. What is home to you?   Rajiv Mohabir: I think home is a series of dislocations—I’ve learned that to claim a physical place in the United States or the Western Hemisphere as home is to participate … Continue reading Rajiv Mohabir Interview

Rajiv Mohabir Bio

Rajiv Mohabir is the author of The Cowherd’s Son (Tupelo Press 2017, winner of the 2015 Kundiman Prize) and The Taxidermist’s Cut (Four Way Books 2016, winner of the Four Way Books Intro to Poetry Prize, Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry in 2017). In 2015 he was a winner of the … Continue reading Rajiv Mohabir Bio