Bug Poem

They swarm, head high when I’m standing, mid-air above sapling, golden, they hover like ashes the heat of a fire floats and deck in and out of sun beam and tree-shadow burns through the pines reflecting off the water, and I think this is what love looks like. A thousand floating bugs on the edge … Continue reading Bug Poem

Peaked Saint

If your walls could talk I would beg them to stay silent like I have tried to be. If they could hear I would have asked for boiling pipes, so desperate to fight the pain alone, all I needed was water a degree hotter than my cheeks, steam to sooth my contracting tomb squatted as … Continue reading Peaked Saint

Innate Value

You are valuable, and I’m able to see your value from any angle. People have become blind with insanity because no one lives in sanity where you see the sanctity of a soul. We don’t see the depravity in our audacity to have a mentality that treats humanity as vanity. We don’t understand the innate … Continue reading Innate Value

Go Live It

Who are you when no one’s looking? Are you looking the way you look when you know people are looking? Or are you constantly looking to make sure no one’s really looking to see the true way you look? Because when I look around, I see a lack of intensity directed towards integrity. So, infidelity … Continue reading Go Live It

To Belong

Everybody longs to belong, and you’ll be longing too long for belonging if you’re logging bonding hours talking about belongings.  When too many conversations are revolving around materials of matter, and not the materials that matter, there’s no evolving of the relationship.  The lack of involving someone in your inner thoughts prevents the involvement of … Continue reading To Belong

A Dirge Melody: Don’t Let the Humans Know We Contain Souls

If you want the pearl the oyster growled as a lioness you will have to pry me from this rock wrest my shell jaws open cut my living muscle self apart. Can you do that? They can. They do. They polish, bleach, buff, label the pearl grade C light luster, barely usable. No one asks … Continue reading A Dirge Melody: Don’t Let the Humans Know We Contain Souls

Slasher Flicks

A genre of publicly-traded companies is Horror with much higher death counts. They “cut” and “slash” better than Kruger or Jason ever could ‘cause they kill by the thousands in dark-colored tailored suits at a long table in a room with views with views. Macy’s is “cutting” 10,000 jobs the New York Times tells its … Continue reading Slasher Flicks

Eat Your Heart Out

“Okay, I will,” he blithely responded. “Yea, you do that,” she smiled. “Wait, what are you—” “Oh my God,” she whispered. Taking out a scalpel, he looks down at his chest; now looking at her, he slowly runs the scalpel, starting above the collar bone, right in the middle of his chest down to where … Continue reading Eat Your Heart Out

This is Called New Year’s Resolutions

I’m going to kick 2017’s ass so hard- so hard the 7 will become a lightning bolt. And don’t act like you didn’t know, the 7 is the ass of 2017. I’m going to kick 2017’s stomach so hard- so hard the 1 will become a “less than” sign for a math equation. And don’t … Continue reading This is Called New Year’s Resolutions

The Greatest

The greatest movie the greatest director   the greatest writer the greatest boxer   the greatest coach the greatest player   the greatest actor the greatest president   the greatest general the greatest war   the greatest football team the greatest country   the greatest this the greatest that   the greatest superlative the greatest … Continue reading The Greatest