Our professional section, Soap Bubble Set, showcases one visual artist and one writer. Named after an assemblage by modernist sculptor and filmmaker, Joseph Cornell, Soap Bubble Set is poetically and visually associative, evoking imaginative play and the ever-changing nature of the artistic and literary world.

Rob Fraser

Rob Fraser is a photographer who now lives in Cumbria, UK. Proudly Scottish born, he spent his early years in South West England, where he grew up with the plains and wetlands of the Somerset Levels as his backyard/playground. His young adult years were then spent in Pembrokeshire where he began his work as a …

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Harriet Fraser

Harriet Fraser is a writer of poetry and prose from Kendal, UK. She received a degree in Comparative Religion from Manchester University, focusing on Indian Society, Religions, and Languages, and Buddhist philosophy. In 2017, she received an MPhil in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. Harriet began her career in 1992 as a writer …

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