Tedx: Aurora Robson, “Trash + Love”

On Aurora’s website, her bio explains her work as “the founding artist of Project Vortex, an international collective of artists, designers and architects who also work with plastic debris. In addition she has been working on the development of a college course called “Sculpture + Intercepting the Waste Stream” designed to foster creative stewardship at … Continue reading Tedx: Aurora Robson, “Trash + Love”

Aurora Robson Images

Reviewing Aurora Robson’s work in the May 2015 issue of Sculpture Magazine, critic Barbara Schreiber writes, “[Robson] works with a global nightmare of a material—plastic. Robson was first motivated to work with salvaged material after learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. She has an oddly personal attachment to her plastic flotsam, anthropomorphizing it in … Continue reading Aurora Robson Images

Kristiana Kahakauwila Interview

Mistake House: You explain in a Writer’s Digest interview with Chuck Sambuchino that you found your voice and your vision when you were finally “fearless in [your] writing.” In your own words: “I let my stories access all my anger, my sadness, my confusion, my hopefulness. My characters, if they are raw, are so because … Continue reading Kristiana Kahakauwila Interview

Creative Process Statement

For me, the creative process—the act of writing—begins before I’m ever in front of a computer screen. I was on Big Island once, up in paniolo country, and I noticed how the grass, windswept, grew in arches. I knew as soon as I saw that grass that I was going to have to write it … Continue reading Creative Process Statement

Kristiana Kahakauwila Bio

Writer Kristiana Kahakauwila is of kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiian), German and Norwegian descent. She earned her BA in comparative literature from Princeton University and her MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from University of Michigan—Ann Arbor. In 2015-16 she was the Lisa Goldberg Fellow at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study. Currently an Associate Professor … Continue reading Kristiana Kahakauwila Bio

The Retreat at Upcountry Maui

On the slopes of Haleakala, high above the health food store in Pā`ia and just below the paniolo town of Makawao, once stood the Wai`olu Girls Seminary, named for the stream than ran beneath the girls’ dormer windows, the water so cold they could keep a jar of milk beneath its surface for three days … Continue reading The Retreat at Upcountry Maui

Aurora Robson Bio

    Aurora Robson is an artist-activist working in wide-ranging media, though she is best known for her work intercepting the waste steam. Robson demonstrates the power of transformation in her work, repurposing plastic debris to create aesthetically powerful sculptures that draw attention to the issue of plastic pollution. Born in Toronto, Robson moved to … Continue reading Aurora Robson Bio

Aurora Robson Interview

Mistake House: In your 2013 TedxPeachtree talk, Trash + Love, you explore the idea that every aspect of experience is worthy of appreciation, despite any perceived lack of value.  First, will you speak broadly about this concept of “attentive appreciation”? What is required, for example, to appreciate what seems valueless? What do you see as the … Continue reading Aurora Robson Interview