Our professional section, Soap Bubble Set, showcases one visual artist and one writer. Named after an assemblage by modernist sculptor and filmmaker, Joseph Cornell, Soap Bubble Set is poetically and visually associative, evoking imaginative play and the ever-changing nature of the artistic and literary world.

Sylva Fischerová

Sylva Fischerová is a Prague-based Czech poet. Born in Czechoslovakia in 1963 during the Communist regime, Fischerová spent her childhood in the Moravian town of Olomouc. As a writer and scholar, she possesses a valuable ethical lens. She lived through historical periods in which literature (including the work of her father, philosopher Josef Ludvík Fischer) …

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Stephen Vitiello

Sound artist and electronic musician Stephen Vitiello creates both an aural and a visual experience for viewers/listenters. Vitiello creates sound with analog and digital electronics, traditional and homemade instruments, and incorporates a variety of sounds from field recordings from urban and rural environments. As an installation artist and composer—as well as a prolific collaborator—his works …

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