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Suite of Fiction

Promising Eyebrows, But Odd A tribute to Moussa Bamoufard Mabo Issue 9 Fiction Editor’s Prize   Act I. MOUSSA lives on Fish Pass Street and works as a street door-to-door clothes salesperson. This morning, when Moussa wakes up, he does not notice that he has lost his eyebrows. Moussa usually wakes up early to get …

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A Love Letter, To Me

Writing is funny. It’s 4pm on a sunny day, the birds are chirping, the squirrels are squeaking, the breeze the smoothest and freshest it’s ever been. It feels as if the universe has finally responded to my supplications and given me the perfect conditions for the artist burning inside my body to awaken and flood …

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The Substitute

Every day she counts time until bells ring and release the children from their cold desks, different children most days, children she may never see again. She wants no commitment to them or the buildings they fill, no allegiance to their colored tile or the rules in bold letters on the walls of the classrooms …

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