A Petition

The next word I lightly scribbled on my bit of scratch paper was “Rose.” Needing yet another reprieve from the clipboard on my lap, I looked up to see pairs of newlyweds peppering the gaudy office furniture. They must have either been too practical or too in love to plan their moments far in advance. … Continue reading A Petition


Hello? Hello? I — Hey? Hello? Lord? — I gotta question for you. Sorry, I, uh — Hi. Hey there. I feel like you might be confused right about now. Are you confused, man? You’re probably confused to find me here, strung out good on a spoil pile south of the Mason Dixon. I know … Continue reading Overburden

The 2013 Holiday Letter

“Joni, there’s no easy way to tell you this, but I’ve got an accepted offer on the Blue Lake cottage.” I’d been dreading telling my daughter, but when the time came I blurted it out. I could tell from her face that it was painful news. “I’m very sorry.” “No, that’s great, dad. Did you … Continue reading The 2013 Holiday Letter

Speak Fire

I ran to the other side of the world to get away from myself. It’s not that I really thought I could escape myself through travel; it’s that I needed a transformation and there was no way I could have one in the confines of my town or my high school. I’d spent my whole … Continue reading Speak Fire