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Dream 2

Rough and calloused is the palm that grips the little boy’s hand. Sharp air bites his cheeks and the cold, winter sun beats harshly against his eyelids; but quickly, his mother pulls him forward and together they step over the ankle-high threshold, to be met with warmth and rolling murmurs.   Twelve steps across the hard cement …

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Inside Joke

“Did she say anything?” I ask.  “No, she was very quiet at the end,” the nurse tells us.  “Really? My mom, with nothing to say? Doesn’t sound like her,” I say​, laughing​​.   “Goodness, Paige, your mother just died​.​ ​Why are you making jokes?” Shelby asks me.   Shelby looks stunned that I would say something like this because …

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Love, Bao

We used to hide in the chôm chôm​ evergreens, where our mothers couldn’t find us and only our ancestors who resided in the heavens saw our hands embrace. Our mothers might not have been looking however, because they usually concentrated on Father Chris and his commanding voice. Tran and I would crouch behind the cluster of leaves, pulling at its chôm chôm ​​pearls. Our mothers could …

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