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Thunder and Silence

Issue 8 Editor’s Prize for Fiction I stood atop Goðafoss, a place of power and history, when I heard thunder for the first time in Iceland. The sky was painted grey, the color of a storm above a murky sea. I hadn’t bothered to check the forecast before I left. The trip had been impromptu. …

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1.989 * 10 ^ 30

  A single plane flies across a pink-orange sky on a Thursday evening and can be seen darting in and out through the clouds before making a gentle landing on the surface of a lake in the middle of a forest. Unnoticed by anyone of importance, the plane sinks slowly till it is half submerged …

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Tic Tac

The worst part about recovering from a week in the psychiatric hospital was the acne. The nurses hadn’t let me keep my facial cleanser because I didn’t have a prescription for it. They didn’t seem to realize it was the kind you bought over the counter at Wal-Mart—three dollars for a four-ounce tube of grainy …

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