Conversation Overheard at the Upscale Market

–I just don’t agree with the whole premise really.

–Premise, Sue?

–That a product, any product, no matter how rare,

unique or expensive, no matter how lovingly-made

by local organic elves paid a living wage

in handmade gold pieces bearing the inscription

In, umm (stalling) In Good Goods We Trust!

–I get your drift, Sue. Back to the premise part.

–I don’t think that any product will make me a better person

or reveal me to be one of rarified, superior taste,

or make me a better member of the in-crowd!

–Can I help you, Madame?

–You were first, Sue.

–I’d like two of the Scottish lobsters, two pounds

of the Nova Scotia Swordfish, and do you still

have any of the Alaskan red king crab?

–Nice seeing you, Sue, coming to hot yoga tonight?