Innate Value

You are valuable, and I’m able to see your value from any angle. People have become blind with insanity because no one lives in sanity where you see the sanctity of a soul. We don’t see the depravity in our audacity to have a mentality that treats humanity as vanity. We don’t understand the innate value in the human anatomy as we elaborately think of ways to make someone live in agony. I just agonize over advice that will advise you to analyze the things people comprise, because that implies that we should surmise the value of a person from the content of their supplies. Or we turn to education and intellect to select the importance that someone warrants. We can’t forget to mention performance is often reported as being able to determine if someone is important. Because if you don’t have some sort of ability for an active activity or possess the capability to display creativity in music or art, you’ll experience much futility because you’ll been thrown into captivity of being labeled insignificant. I won’t fail to comment on the militant social structure that young people are so vigilant to continue to implement. Teens think the popularity of their friends is obviously an indicant of if their lives are significant. We won’t stop there. This list wouldn’t be legitimate if I didn’t add to it the amazement of achievement which has a worldwide agreement to be sufficient appeasement for deeming the value of a life as decent. And to top it off, if you’re not considered physically alluring, I assure you that few people will reassure you that your life measures a value beyond that of treasure. I don’t take pleasure in making a lecture on all the pressure the world puts together. I hope you see this as a loving gesture that suggests you’re no lesser of a human whether or not you’re a possessor of whatever qualities society claims to make a life valuable. I’m on an endeavor forever to show that just being a human being means your value is limitless, and no one can limit this with any amount of ridiculous fickleness. So, please don’t let the spiritless take down the spirited. The vigilance of a villainous syllabus will have you thinking there’s some meticulous synthesis you need to do to before you have value, but the fact is the state of being a person is indigenous to the state of being irreplaceably precious.