Ode to Odes to Love

Ode to Love                           Ode to Fucking Up                       Ode to the Sound
of Music            of chandeliers crashing like cars                 of the midnight bell

Ode to the breakups                and the hang-ups                and the not-enough
soap                  Ode to the Hit and Miss    Graze and Shave        Ode to Swinging

Ode to the Sound of Hey Batter Batter              Ode to the Sound of Fucking Up
to the Sound of Fucking in cars                  Ode to the Chassis and Suspension

Ode to Not Fucking             Ode to Jack & Jill            and Mickey & Minnie
who never reproduced             Ode to these fucking chandeliers         which may

one day crush me slowly           Ode to the Parties I Seemed to Miss         to the cars
loitering outside my house           beating the road into confession             asking me

When do you wanna go?        When do you wanna leave?       Ode to Closed Doors
Locked Doors                Broken Doors                    Ode to the steps up to the fucking

Mickey Mouse clubhouse            to the party I’m sure I was not invited to          but also
the one I’m going to anyway            Ode to the Bell of the Midnight Train      Ode to

the Platform Doors        Ode to Barely Getting On          Ode to the          Miss and Hit and
hey batter batter I’m struck again                 Ode to Leftover Soap                   spilling

into tea               Ode to the Doors Left Ajar                  into the deepest chamber
Ode to Love as Mantelpiece                             that we polish from time to time