October has grazed 
The daisies, among other things, 
But the stems and buds appear black, stale, and sickly,  
Yet unwilling to cease entirely to autumn 
The once-yellow petals  
With blonde pistols and leafy and lively stems  
Are corpses 
and I don’t understand how, when this happened 
Their heads hang low under the street lamps  
One of the bulbs flickers, but its inconsistency, Instability is unbothersome 
Because the light only embroiders the darkness 
I fear upon descent 
Every crimson leaf that brushes  
Against the flower corpses 
Won’t compel them to collapse, but snowfall will. 
I find them ominous, yet ravishing.  
Pine needles litter the sidewalk 
Next to the morbid and perishing flora And I hear the train