Slasher Flicks

A genre of publicly-traded companies is Horror
with much higher death counts.
They “cut” and “slash” better than Kruger or Jason ever could
‘cause they kill by the thousands
in dark-colored tailored suits at a long table
in a room with views with views.

Macy’s is “cutting” 10,000 jobs
the New York Times tells its readers.
See, no kitchen blade borrowed from a homeowner’s block
no blades for fingers—
just a pen.

The CEOs get raises for taking care of shareholders
while retail workers fold clothing to be unfolded again
while the money to fold gets less and less
while Republicans cry for less regulations
while people are being folded over
lost in the darkness of a crease.

“Shareholder value” is their concern.
So they cut and slash and crush
until gore is brought to a new level:
The Walking Dead team is envious.
Alchemists are envious as well:
the CEOs of corporations like Walmart
have turned blood into gold.

And automation is their next step;
they want to kill efficiently like the Nazis:
planned, structured, and documented.

So, what do we do?
We fight for the best jobs by going to college
and getting surrounded by debt
(while they’ve paid 0% interest for over a decade)
until we make it to the top,
and once we do,
we stare at the scars along our body
and start our own killing sprees.