Summer Evenings in Virginia

With sticky popsicle hands  
and chlorine filled hair, 
we kissed the sun goodnight 
and waved hello to the moon. 
Fauquier County lacked all 
but magnificent views. 
Flickering lights appeared 
against the canvas of night. 
Our bare feet frolicked  
through dew covered grass 
as we caught lightning bugs 
and shared them with each other. 
We wanted to keep them in glass jars forever. 
Grandfather called us to a glowing campfire. 
We roasted fluffy marshmallows 
and ate chocolate galore. 
We even snuck the brown-spotted dog  
a burned s’more. 
That night we fell asleep  
smelling of smoke and sweets 
while the lightning bugs danced 
on this glorious summer evening.