During the interview  
I felt as though I were speaking
to a friend and panicked  
how will he know me  
if I don’t tell him explicitly
in our one, thin hour  

We discussed why some doctors
scorn addicts  

so much  
left   behind   in   training
like   how   asphalt   takes
from ten-year-old legs  

                  knee pads, I argued
he countered  
there is a generation of physicians
who equate drugs with prison  
and I don’t know what to do about it either  

                  if not knee pads, then poetry
                  let them write  
                  until they remember
                  being born screaming  

                  until they are attuned to the screaming
                  of people finished being born   

or maybe until they can name
the ten-or-twelve threads
holding today together  

                  ten-or-twelve ways to describe  
                  each moment a car could have hit you
                  and then didn’t  
                  or we can just wait  

                  for some misled people to die I
                  didn’t say  

that I was wearing a suit  
and had waited years for this  

to be asked  
why people think they are above each other
and what it was like  
to grow up in Queens