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the unfortunate – sadmen – my gas station earrings – you didn’t see the future in hints –


the world exploded at the kitchen sink – left daffodil stems – colliding into – stacked


disappointments – collections of memories per person – tabs on where we’d end – liked


gas station earrings – the world – ran home – curled in new disappointment – cut sadmen


– you didn’t pay attention

The Particulars of Theredness 

Outside I watch a waitress through the diner of windows

she’s in yellow in the middle of the night


Debacled in sameness,                                  placed                   particulars

Serve platters of tuna on rye




glasses of water


Do you want lemon, she asks twice,

Do you want the wedge to compliment


your water


I wonder, it’s truly 


difficult, she resists her life story


Interior designed out of which decade?


No one orders lemon meringue  


She wipes her hair wipes her hands on her apron


Practices a particular 


Expression, she evolves from 


towns ensprinkled encased by windows,


the regulars & specials      


(insofar) walks (insofar)         talks the waitress         refills coffee

stops by the fridge for milk maybe sour