Kyrell Newell

Kyrell Newell is a student of finance and accounting at Drake University. Despite making business his career path, he understands the power that words possess and is captivated by the creativity and intelligence in poetry and rap music. He wants to give people that feeling of awe he gets when he hear some clever combinations of words that still flow well and communicate a message, but wants to use that feeling of awe and add to it a message that will make readers or listeners contemplate the way they live their lives, and push them to decide if they’re living honorable lives. He don’t want to sound arrogant and doesn’t think he knows the best way to live life. On the contrary, he says he knows very little about how to live life, but feels certain we need to be rooted in truth or else satisfaction will always be fleeting and unattainable. He hopes his poetry will touch at least one person as he continues his journey in life searching for truth.