Tintawi Kaigziabiher

Tintawi Kaigziabiher is a writer, poet, birth advocate, doula and crochet designer.  She migrated to New Mexico from the NYC Metro area seven years ago.  Tintawi is married to a scientist, and together they live in the high desert with their five children, five chickens, two doves, a kitten and a leopard gecko named Milo.  In the late 1990s she performed as a spoken word artist throughout the NYC Metro Area, the Midwest and Montreal, Canada.  In the early 2000s she belonged to a group known as The Hottest Poets.  She has also performed at The National Black Theatre, The Apollo, The Boston Comedy Club and a host of other venues.  As a woman of African descent she writes to give a voice to the African presence and experience in the Diaspora.