Current Staff

Editor-in-Chief, Caroline Bumbaugh

 Caroline Bumbaugh (She/Her) is a senior double majoring in English, in the creative writing track, and Education, in the theory and practice track. She enjoys writing poetry, reading, and studying different theories. One of her current favorite collections of poetry is Carl Phillips’ Then the War and selected poems, 2007-2022. When Caroline is not reading and writing, she can be found with her friends, at the gym, or going on walks. This is Caroline’s third year being on the Mistake House staff and she is excited to launch another amazing issue. 







Managing Editor, Jane Wantland 

Jane Wantland (She/Her) is a senior majoring in English, in the literary studies track, and minoring in economics. She enjoys reading, baking, and watching video essays. One of her favorite literary classics is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. When Jane is not in her room, she is getting coffee with friends or buying new books. Jane is super excited to work with the Mistake House team and publish the best issue yet!  








Soap Bubble Set Editor, Sophie Ungerleider 

Sophie Ungerleider (She/Her) is a junior majoring in Mass Communication, in the journalism track, and minoring in religious studies. Sophie enjoys writing and editing for Principia College’s newspaper, The Pilot. Sophie also works as a writing tutor on campus. Sophie enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling, running, reading a juicy romance book, and watching TV. As a first-time staff member of Mistake House, Sophie is excited to work with everyone and create a unique and beautiful issue. 







Fiction Editor, Ari Hofman 

Ari Hofman (They/Them) is a senior double majoring in English, in the creative writing track, and studio art, in the drawing track. They enjoy writing and illustrating stories that explore concepts of identity, family, and memory. When they’re not creating, Ari can be found collecting inspiration on walks, frequenting coffeeshops, reading, or playing tabletop games with their friends. 








Poetry Editor, Olivia Skinner 

Olivia Skinner (She/Her) is a junior double majoring in studio art and English. She spends most of her time writing and painting in her art studio. One of Olivia’s favorite books is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. She also enjoys reading books outside in warmer weather. As a first-time staff member, she is excited to be a part of Issue 9 of Mistake House 








Photography Editor, Tobin Blair 

Tobin Blair (He/They) is a sophomore with no declared major. More than anything, they love thinking, and therefore they enjoy board games, books, deep conversations, and analyzing everything. Last year, they served as Copy Editor for Mistake House and is excited to have experience for his role as Photography Editor in this issue. 








Online Editor, Sharon Nicol 

Sharon Nicol (She/Her) is a sophomore majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in management information systems. She is an international student from Guatemala and is a transfer from Snow College in Utah. Sharon is passionate about journalism, digital marketing, and the media. She considers the writings of Mary Baker Eddy pillars of her life’s endeavors. In her free time, Sharon enjoys reading poetry, philosophy, and books about personal growth.  







Poetry Team + Photography Team, Megan Harley 

Megan Harley (She/Her) is a junior majoring in English, in the creative writing track, and plans to add a philosophy minor. She spends a lot of time in her room playing games, re-watching her favorite movies, and writing short stories. As much as she loves staying indoors, Megan also enjoys sitting out on the bluffs and watching the sunset. 








Poetry Team + Online Team, Nathan Babcock 

Nathan Babcock (He/Him) is a senior majoring in English, in the creative writing track at Principia College. He has minors in visual art and live theater and carries a recorder with him everywhere he goes—he can play part of Hedwig’s Theme on it. Over the years, Nathan has discovered that nothing brings him more joy than engaging with the world through art and poetry.   








Poetry Team + SBS Team, Nate Zipp 

Nate Zipp (He/Him) is a junior double majoring in English, in the creative writing track, and music studies. Though he finds the creative process stressful, he is compelled to write music and poetry, as well as draw and paint.  



















Faculty Advisor, Dinah Ryan