doubting Gödel’s incompleteness theorems

in order to understand you must first have the sense of what systems are they
whole or complete do they exist in your mind or outside do they
invoke in your imagination in your mind’s eye four walls eight windows or
the opposite it is a question of projection not of the numbers but of you of how
you are able to move in relation without spinning without distancing the
truth from the not truth and why is the parting glance such a sorrow
if recursion is implacable i mean almost nebulous how do you then eliminate f if you do not know
it i mean it is like a dance it requires you to move
backwards when you’ve gone too far forwards step back into proportion into spellbinding
meticuluum i mean rather predictably continuum
why do you care about the output if your grammatical imprecisions are
the output themselves it is a new grammatology a new life-world being-world it is all still
but constantly moving you find one f and another falls away in its place methodically doubting itself
is that why you want to know it———- is that why f falls falls falls and how do you then
return from this disjunction this occupiable vistresence that is prone to shatter it brings with it all the
difficulties of knowing how to know i mean if the propositions are undecidable then how do you decide is
it in the decreed falsities where you find the fatal paradox or beyond how is it for you i want to know i want to know it inside and out to step inside the subnumerical vacuum and dance i mean it is so delicate it
might break and if that distance can become calculable then tell me what are you