To Belong

Everybody longs to belong, and you’ll be longing too long for belonging if you’re logging bonding hours talking about belongings.  When too many conversations are revolving around materials of matter, and not the materials that matter, there’s no evolving of the relationship.  The lack of involving someone in your inner thoughts prevents the involvement of a solvent for solving your loneliness.  Yet that exact issue is almost harmonious with all the copious amount of people who claim that, “No one understands me and my issues.”  That thinking is so erroneous, but we never challenge people to stop complaining and leave the coziness of being isolated and to allow someone into their pandemonium.  Now of course there’s an appropriate way to approach someone who feels like an alien, alienated from humanity.  They feel no one can appreciate the uniqueness of their differences, and this bleakness of reality must become our weakness.  My thesis (is the secret) is for us to live in frequent ceaseless meekness.  Only then can we help rein in loneliness, and help someone reign over feeling misunderstood because someone took time to stand in the rain with them as they felt they would drown from the constant lonesome hurricane.  The smile coming from someone because they feel similar with another person without using a simile is sincerely a symphony for the eyes like the beauty of Sicily.  So, we need to lessen the lessons of legends from people we see as legends that say opening up is the best way to be destined for pain.  Because now we have people falling off the edges of ledges into an abysmal abyss where only apocalypse exists for those who consist of complexities too complicated to get. But I promise you that closing yourself off is never the answer. You’ll be consumed by the cancer of solitude, and I know it’s hard to include people inside your insecurities, but not everyone is there to intrude, but rather some are there to understand and offer servitude. But before you can really find belonging with humans, your attitude needs to be aimed at the highest altitude, because God’s aptitude to understand is an infinite amplitude above any dude’s. Once you comprehend that true belonging begins and ends with God, who knows you from beginning to end, you’ll be able to distinguish, with the help of our King’s English, what belonging is meant to feel like, and you can extinguish all your delinquent thoughts and relationships