Totino’s Triple Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

i am evicted

from bed again

last night i dreamt

of something meaningful


maybe it was

the unspoken truths of being

that lurk in the shadows

of our words

or the silence

that dwells in the pauses

of our voices our


why do we lie

in bed trying to find reason

behind stacked turtles in barren pastures

at what phony validation

do we find ourselves


for instant


or instant


in the freezer

i can pee while it cooks

wipe the seat because

i missed

when these pants werent so tight

because fitting in is something

i would still like

if the lights werent so bright

and the microwave werent so loud

but who am i to complain

it was the first one to speak to me today

its four o clock

pizza rolls with ketchup

is where i am right now

where will i be later

and how will i get there

i think

the middle is still frozen